An Ode to Brisket, In Pictures

June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Last weekend, we bought some meat. 7ish pounds of beef brisket, to be more precise.

We rubbed it with a mighty pungent combination of spices: salt, pepper, cayenne, chili and garlic powder.

This turns out to be a bit messy.

After the meat had sat for an hour, to let all those delicious spices do their work, it was lovingly placed on our little Weber kettle bbq, where it was destined to spend the next 8 hours or so.

This gives you lots of time to make nice things to go alongside the brisket. Like Dr Pepper bbq sauce.

We were worried that there might not be enough meat (cough), so we added a pound of pork belly to some beans.

The beans also cooked for a really long time, until the sugars and sauce and pork had formed a thick sauce. These weren’t your Heinz baked beans, oh no sir.

Finally, the meat was ready and everyone was happy. It tastes even better off paper plates, with dividers.

That bit on the top, by the way: that’s not fat, it’s flavour.

The end bits are especially tasty it turns out. The next day we ate them in tacos. I think we will be making brisket again soon.

All the recipes were adapted from the June/July 2011 issue of Saveur:

Dr Pepper BBQ sauce
BBQ baked beans


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