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September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I promised myself I would post here today. It’s been far too long and the recipe backlog is starting to get ridiculous. I have now about 15 minutes until I’m supposed to be in a bar downstairs and I’m not even wearing mascara. But I have three things on my side. One: I’m having one of those ridiculously productive days where you feel like you could conquer the world if only every day was like this. My immense to-do list is a sea of ticks and scribbles. I’m treading the thin line on the other side of which lies mania but for now it feels great. Two: this recipe needs little description. The pictures speak for themselves, and the ingredient list consists of just five simple items, as follows: walnuts, dates, cocoa powder, almonds, salt. These are brownies, but not as you know them: raw, vegan, healthy and utterly delicious. The assembly process (it would be a misnomer to say ‘cooking’ here) involves blitzing these things in the food processor and then pressing them into a dish and freezing before slicing and eating. If you’ve ever eaten a Larabar, they sort of have that kind of texture, but cakier and chocolatier. Three: I don’t need to write out the recipe here because Sarah at My New Roots, one of my new favourite food blogs, does such a fabulous job that I don’t need to make any additional comments or adjustments (for now – UK people I’m really sorry but I was so focused on getting some brownie into my detox life that I didn’t take weight measurements – great excuse to make these again of course and I’ll update the post with grams and ounces as soon as I do).

There you go. 5 minutes left for the mascara; tomorrow, the world.

The Raw Brownie: the recipe


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